St Vincent: St Vincent Album Review



St Vincent (Annie Clark), has said that her fourth album is self titled, because it is herself. This is almost as if, everything that she has released prior has been leading up to this self titled album. Now 2011’s ‘Strange Mercy’ was an album that I loved but underplayed and I’m making sure I don’t do the same with this, because this is brilliant.

Honestly, I feel that Clark’s hair is a representation of the album sonically. It’s purposefully asymmetric and disjointed, but is heralded as a piece of art; something to place on a pedestal and let the masses admire. The harsh opening guitar clinks on ‘Birth in Reverse’, the catchy fluid melody of ‘Prince Johnny’ and the wavy synth lines on ‘Huey Newton’ all could sit on show and have people saying ‘Oh, why yes, just exquisite wouldn’t you say so?’.

I’d say ‘Regret’ is the albums weak-point, but maybe because the other songs are so crushingly good. There’s a hint of what Clark did with David Byrne but it’s been put through her own filter, it’s been turned into a new breed of majestic glory with golden moments like ‘Bring Me Your Loves’ and the 80’s esque whistle synth line on ‘Every Tear Disappears’.

‘St Vincent’ then, is seamless. It’s seamless but is always juxtaposed by sharp juttering angles that should cut and maim, but they smooth over in luxury instead. On first listen I wasn’t too keen, I just didn’t see the brilliance; but now I do I can give it all the love that ‘Strange Mercy’ failed to receive from me. It’s time I go and cherish this now, and I will.


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