The Coathangers: Suck My Shirt Album Review



The Coathangers have seem to have lost their keyboard player, as you can see by the cover there are only three members now but this has not stopped them from carrying on, has not stopped them from making an exciting record. ‘Suck My Shirt’ is a Garage Punk Rock album that sits well on sunny grassy days at some small festival mid afternoon with a cold glass of *insert drink*. I’ve taken a likening to this album whereas before I only really knew the band for their song ‘Hurricane’ but The Coathangers seem to be fully realized on this album, even a member down they have managed to progress away from that organ retro punk sound to a rawer homemade style.

‘Springfield Cannonball’ is catchy and the gentler vocals of Meredith Franco really suits the song compared to the guttural aggression that Stephanie Luke sings with. The lead guitar whining over the top of the chorus, the fast percussion and the short length pack a punch that get’s me cheerily singing (humming) along. The production of the album has given the instruments an honest sound – the sound of plugging in your instrument and playing; okay so the levels have been all matched up by just imagine everything turned up loud because it will always sound better loud.

‘Zombie’ is appropriately slow but deftly made and ‘Adderall’ is infectious and it’s Urban Dictionary’s ‘only way to finish homework’ so plus points there.

‘Suck My Shirt’ is consistent. There is no sign of the band moving backward but rather they are steadily moving onwards from their beginnings that were a couple of friends playing music for fun (because isn’t that how everything should start?) It can be light and gentle like on closer ‘Drive’ but then it’s an album that can always be a frenzy. It’s solid in every department, now go and listen to it.


Listen here.


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