Honeyblood: Honeyblood Album Review


Honeyblood are an Indie Pop duo from Glasgow consisting of Stina Tweeddale on Guitars/Vocals and Shona McVicar on Drums. Their Facebook page has their genre as ‘Crunch Pop’ and the closest I’ve heard to that this year would be Tweens, but Honeyblood have less angst, less ‘Crunch’. Their music has a pop but it’s not a ferocious crunch, it’s more like Honeycomb.

Their single ‘Killer Bangs’ is one of the catchiest songs of the year (but it’ll never chart sadly, seriously though I’ve had this song in my head more than ‘Problem’). I have to give them points on making a song so catchy. I think at first I found that it sounded a little familiar but now I don’t even know what I thought it sounded like because this songs runs around and around in your head so sweetly that it charms its way in, it’s not obnoxious in the slightest; this is Indie Pop at it’s finest.

‘Super Rat’ as been getting a lot of airplay and love from BBC Radio 6 but it just doesn’t have the same overall punch as ‘Killer Bangs’ does. The lyrics may be more hard hitting with Stina singing ‘I will hate you forever… you really do disgust me’, but the slower tempo contains less energy unlike ‘Bud’ which seems to be the meeting point between these two songs.

However, guitar tones start to wear thin due to their familiarity and the filler kicks in, the songs mesh together leaving little space for songs to really stand out, but when they do stand out, they really make their presence felt.

‘Choker’ has a fairly heavy chorus from the duo and ‘No Spare Key’, despite the lyrics being a slightly odd metaphor, channels some 90’s shoegaze that doesn’t overdose on it like Ringo Deathstarr.

‘Braid Burn Valley’ really stands out. The album closer is soft, fitting in with the rest of the album, it’s almost a soothing ooze of one more ‘nice’ song to set off on our ways, but then it twists our wrists and whispers ‘don’t leave just yet’. The chorus that kicks in is fierce, the most emotion that the band have shown all album with ‘another fucking bruise, this one looks just like a rose’ and I really hope to see Honeyblood embrace that heavier/angrier side because the glimpse that we get is wonderful but it’s over as soon as it happens.

The consistencies become inconsistencies when you look at ‘Killer Bangs’ and the album closer that shows potential. One stellar song doesn’t make an album. Honeyblood is unfortunate to rest itself on the same material too much, rarely venturing off into unknown territories. but it’s a solid debut, it’s a great album to listen to and I really have no issues listening to it as a whole, it’s just slightly disappoints when you look at ‘Killer Bangs’ because that song is so good. Honeyblood have released an album that is great and safe but it’s charm doesn’t quite make me fall in love with it.


Listen here.


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