Mozart’s Sister: Being Album Review


Let’s get the comparisons out of the way. Yes, you can say that Caila Thompson-Hannant sounds a lot like her friend Claire Boucher (Grimes). They’re both from Canada and they both make electronic music (how shocking) and the beginning of ‘Lone Wolf’ could be considered to be very ‘Grimes-like’. I’m going to have to stop there though.

Mozart’s Sister is a separate entity, Thompson-Hannant’s experimentalitly and vocal delivery could probably be traced back to when she was in Shapes & Sizes, but here Being becomes her first solo LP. Her E.P. that came out last year, Hello actually has a song from the album on it, ‘Don’t Leave It To Me’ which the song itself is about three years old. The E.P. was so strong that ‘Don’t Leave It To Me’ wouldn’t have been my first choice when deciding what song to put on the album. Maybe the most striking part of ‘Don’t Leave It To Me’ is the vocal chant ‘Fear, fear, fear/Sex, sex, sex’, Being feels very involved in feminism, it’s not going to let itself be degraded, for example on ‘Enjoy’ we have ‘1, 2, 3 don’t fuck with me’.

Okay, so with ‘Faif’ being so short you could compare it to one of the shorter tracks on Halfaxa but if music so brief and experimental is being produced, and it sounds this good and instead of being sloshed in reverb it’s chilled, frozen with echo and delay? Then I love it and I do love it.

‘Lone Wolf’ is dark, not Chelsea Wolfe dark but more haunted old Castle ghosts at midnight dark. Some song’s like ‘A Move’ feel a bit inspired by Oneohtrix Point Never and there are some wavy synths on the track playing ascending chords.

‘Bow a Kiss’ is bold and punchy, ‘Salty Tear’ sounds like an electronic steam train and ‘My House Is Wild’ opens with some misleading distorted synths that the song eventually grows into a minimal art pop track.

There’s nothing on ‘Chained Together’ that signifies the end, and I guess you could pin that as problematic. The album as a whole doesn’t move anywhere in particular but what it does have is a set of eleven strong songs that are consistent from start to end. There may be nothing that is completely amazing but there’s not much I dislike about the album. In some ways I love this but approach it with some apathy the more I listen to it, I sort of become used to it but this doesn’t lessen my enjoyment.

Being is a solid art/synth pop album that’s as crazy as it is vibrant with the lights off. Mozart’s Sister and Grimes could play at the same gig, but you’ll find that they’re very different.


Listen here


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